Benefits of Purchasing Private Security Services For You And Your Organization

Desecure Security Services

Saving Time

With Desecure; as all the transactions you will make with the official institutions will be done by us, you will save your time.

Quick Solution

As all the problems that may arise during the project will be our responsibility, you will not experience service breakdowns thanks to instant and fast solutions.


Due to the periodic variability of the requirements in security services, you can change the size and cost of the service you receive instantly.

Process Management

It is sufficient that you define the desired level of service and all the management of the process will be undertaken by us.

Minumum Risk

As it is our responsibility to take the necessary precautions for all technical issues, your risk probability will be minimized.

Hardware Supply

We provide all the materials to be used, we stock these materials, we provide services such as maintenance, repair and storage, so your cost goes down to zero.

Workforce Efficiency

With 10 years of experience, the workforce efficiency we provide will increase the excellence in the security services you will receive.

Large Human Resources

All possible changes in your project are met with our large human resources rapidly and without creating any additional costs.

Fixed Cost

Within the scope of the service contract you will sign, your periodic costs will be fixed.









With Desecure Security Technologies 7/24 Uninterrupted Security

We offer much more than a standard security service, with high technology, at an economically balanced cost and in an uninterrupted manner.

We produce not only security technologies, but also “Security Service Delivery” technologies. In the field of Security Technologies; We act with a vision that tries to do what has not been done and pushes the standards. We register our products, which we produce with our technology team and which are the first in the world, to the General Directorate of Copyrights, and we protect the technology breakthroughs born in our country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is private security service?

Security and protection services, which are complementary to public safety, given in order to prevent the right to life, possession rights, business management rights, property rights and other rights and freedoms of real and legal persons from being attacked are called Private Security.

Which sector do you serve in?

We provide private security and consultancy services for many sectors such as aluminum industry, rent a car, IT, packaging industry, environmental refinement technologies, durable consumer goods, casting industry metallurgy, electric-electronics, energy and power systems, home textile, beverage industry, site, apartment and residence security, chemical industry, mining, private education institutions, hospitals and clinics, and building industry.

What kind of a way is followed in the security problems encountered?

We know that the risk factors of each facility are different. We are setting up special teams that will turn the most appropriate solution into trust, furthermore, we listen and value our customers’ expectations. We shape strategic, systematic and technological solutions by listening to you, we respect your business, your employees and your expectations.

Do you have a service manager for each region?

With our center in Denizli, we provide services in 23 cities with our Izmir coordination office.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is, in its simplest form, the supplying of a product or service previously produced in-house.

What are the benefits of providing private security services as outsourcing?

  • As we provide the services such as supplying, stocking, maintenance and storage of materials such as equipment and uniforms to be used, you will relieve of all your burden and reduce your costs to zero in this regard.
  • As a result of economic fluctuations or the periodic increase or decrease in the requirements of security services, you will have the advantage of being able to flexibly determine the size and cost of the service you receive.
  • At Desecure, the supply of the human resources that will meet your service quality at the highest level and possible personnel changes that may occur in your project are carried out without any interruption with our large human resources which will be provided by us rapidly and without creating any additional costs.

Who performs the payroll and formal transactions of private security guards?

Thanks to Desecure; as per the Law No. 5188 and regulations on Private Security and Protection Services, and the security services you would like to receive to your company, you will be prevented from doing your original work and will not cause any loss of time, as the application correspondence and preparations with the official institutions will be carried out by us.

What services does the alarm monitoring center cover?

The information received from the alarm center in the alarm systems installed on the facilities are processed and the information is sent to the facility authorities and the related public institution according to the type of alarm and the first aid alarm types are verified and treated in the shortest time in the cases of theft, fire, flooding, gas leakage and so on.

What is a mobile security system?

Thanks to Mobile Security System (MGS), private security officers provide mobile handheld terminals to enable our customers to control their businesses and make bidirectional communication with their mobile phones at any time. In their business, the instructions they want to take place at periodical or independent times are applied, the actions they want to control are inspected and notified by mobile application. The unrealized instructions are identified from the Desecure Alarm Monitoring and Tracking Center and the reason for delay in delayed tasks is submitted in writing to our customer’s information and approval while the instruction is being performed.

Private Security


In case of VIP protection and escort requests in concerts, events, festivals, sports competitions and opening organizations, we provide services with our official and civil teams. Thanks to our years of experience, our team of experts can be experienced as a result of the instant and professional approach, most of the problems are taken under control without being confronted with confidence, the opportunity to realize their organization in confidence, without encountering surprises.

Alarm Monitoring & Mobile Security Service

The information received from the alarm center in the alarm systems installed on the facilities are processed and the information is sent to the facility authorities and the related public institution according to the type of alarm and the first aid alarm types are verified and treated in the shortest time in the cases of theft, fire, flooding, gas leakage and so on.

As an innovative solution, after the installation of the necessary equipment, monitoring of facilities with remote camera systems, intrusion detection, entry-exit management, escort and vehicle entry information services are provided by us.

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