What is Mobile Tracking Service?

Mobile Monitoring Tool is a portable security tool that provides service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It can be moved to the place you want behind the vehicle and easily installed. Desecure-MTS; It is specially designed for situations where it is necessary to monitor more than one point on the same area, such as construction sites, military fields, rallies and concert venues.

What is the scanning area capacity of Desecure-MTS?

In Desecure-MTS Camera Observation applications, an area with a radius of 500 meters can be scanned with the 35X Optical, 12X Digital zoom PTZ (Speed ​​Dome) camera on it. With the endless rotation feature, you keep the entire area under control without blind spots.

Is Desecure-MTS equipped against theft?

Desecure-MTS hardware; theft, sabotage, fire, etc., was surrounded by detectors, taking into account the possibilities. In addition, emergency information is simultaneously reported to Desecure Alarm Monitoring and Tracking Center, authorized phone numbers and e-mail addresses with the special line in the system at the time of the event.

Can Desecure-MTS be controlled remotely?

Desecure-MTS can be controlled over the local network or over the internet. You can watch real-time video or retrospective video recordings with your password specially determined for you. You can easily access it from your smart mobile phones and computers.

What can Desecure-MTS do?

It scans the entire area with the moving cameras on the mast with a height of 9 meters. It broadcasts the images simultaneously, or saves them on the integrated digital recorder and transfers them to the authorities.

Can a camera be added to Desecure-MTS?

Up to 16 cameras can be added to our devices that have at least 1 PTZ (Speed Dome) camera on them.

What are the advantages for power plants and power transmission lines?

* Energy Transmission Facilities Construction Site and Application Areas

* Power Plants

* Energy Conversion and Transfer Facilities

Simultaneous image transfer and recording are provided with Desecure-CBD for the security of strategically important areas for countries. With the provision of private network in rural areas and regions away from the city network, 24-hour uninterrupted image transmission and digital media recording are provided. For mining sites, security control is provided with remote access in all processes from the establishment of the construction site to the development and delivery process. It can be easily transferred to the desired area in daily, weekly, monthly area changes. Your field can be followed from the most convenient point.

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