With our VIP Personal Bodyguard security service, we provide a high level of protection without affecting your living standards if you or your relatives are in danger.


In concerts, events, festivals, sports competitions and opening organizations, we provide VIP protection and escort requests with our official and civil teams.
Thanks to our years of experience, our team of experts can be experienced as a result of the instant and professional approach, most of the problems are taken under control without being confronted with confidence, the opportunity to realize their organization in confidence, without encountering surprises.

  • Public relations
  • Psychology and special psychological preparation
  • Preventive Services
  • Mental health and stress management
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Human Physiology
  • Work safety and discipline
  • Basic Chemistry
  • Terror Hazards
  • Weapon Use
  • Infighting and defense methods
  • Basic Electronic Training
  • Law of police powers
  • First Aid and intervention
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