In times of increased mobility, infections do not stay on national borders either. Corona, ebola, SARS or swine flu: Nobody wants to imagine the consequences of an epidemic or a pandemic. Therefore, it is in the public health interest to identify people at high risk early. Operators of heavily used facilities such as airports, shopping malls or stadiums bear a special responsibility for disease prevention.

An important indicator for infection is an increase in body temperature (compared to other people in the immediate environment), commonly known as fever. Thermography is an ideal method for scanning not only individuals, but also a large stream of people. To do this, the temperature in the inner corner of the eye is measured, and if it deviates, an alarm is triggered. This allows individuals with increased body temperature to be identified quickly and reliably and isolated for more precise testing.


Areas of Use

Metro stations, bus stations, train stations, airports, shopping malls, stores, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc. in public places. can be used anywhere.


  • Dual temperature Sensor
  • Effective non-contact temperature measurement system for high fever detection in persons
  • Detecting metal density and size
  • High sensitivity in detecting high body temperature
  • Light and audible warning
  • Able to set the safe temperature range
  • Audible and visual warning if the safe temperature threshold is exceeded
  • Low false alarm rate thanks to advanced digital signal processing technology
  • Remote programming thanks to infrared remote control and LCD Screen
  • Network software support for real-time monitoring and data retrieval


  • Resolution : 384 x 288 Provides high sensitivity
  • Identifies high-temperature spots with cursor
  • It monitors the heat in the drawn special areas
  • It can alarm people with high fever
  • Can record automatically in alarm situations
  • Detects masks on faces and avoids false alarms
  • Comes with monitoring and recording program.

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