As Desecure Private Security; Apart from standard security services, we produce solutions that accelerate the workflow and provide full security in every place and condition. With these solutions, we carry out zero-error controls of the area we provide security all over Turkey, even under the most challenging conditions.


Desecure Mobile Monitoring Tool

Mobile Monitoring Tool is a portable security tool that provides service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Desecure-MMT can be controlled over the local network or over the internet.


Desecure Mobile Security System

MGS; With the mobile hand terminals used by private security officers, our customers can control their businesses and have two-way communication with the application installed on their mobile phones whenever they want.


Desecure MGS Scout

Desecure MGS Scout; Working integrated with Desecure Mobile Security System; It is an easy and very useful technology that allows you to manage the patrols, overtimes, notifications and all other works of the personnel that ensure the security of your business through a single panel.


Desecure Drone

With Desecure-Drone, we ensure that your security in open areas is under full control. With the night vision feature, we patrol the area that needs to be protected 24/7, and report whether the objects determined by temperature measurement are alive or dead.


Desecure Life

Thanks to the smart wristband that works simultaneously with Desecure MGS, you can monitor the vital activities of your personnel instantly by viewing heart rate and sleep data.


Desecure Security Call System

With the security call system, when you need security personnel in your area, you can be in contact with the personnel by using the call system installed at certain points.


Desecure Time Tracking System

In order to control the work input and output, the QrCode is read and reported to the CRM system. For the problems of not reading QrCode, the same process is made easier by using NFC technology.


Desecure Lookout

We take care of your home and workplace as our eyes. With the smart camera that can rotate 360 degrees, two-way audio, night vision, high-definition monitoring and equipped with superior features, you can monitor your home or workplace and access your past records from anywhere you can access the internet.

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