At the end of 2019, a new corona virus epidemic, which can be transmitted from person to person, emerged in Wuhan, China. From here to every city in China; From there it spread all over the world, causing a pandemic. This virus, which manifests itself with symptoms such as high fever, cough and muscle pain, reduces the risk of transmission when diagnosed early. By quarantining people, the rate of spread is reduced, while the density in the health field can be prevented.

The diagnosis of the virus, which causes this and many other infections, can be easily achieved in crowded areas, especially with thermal cameras. Although it is not a definitive diagnosis, this technology, which helps to identify the risky group and largely prevents the danger; It is considered the most efficient control method in airports, business centers and areas with heavy traffic.




Areas of Use

Metro stations, bus stations, train stations, airports, shopping malls, stores, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc. in public places. can be used anywhere.


  • Dual temperature Sensor
  • Effective non-contact temperature measurement system for high fever detection in persons
  • Detecting metal density and size
  • High sensitivity in detecting high body temperature
  • Light and audible warning
  • Able to set the safe temperature range
  • Audible and visual warning if the safe temperature threshold is exceeded
  • Low false alarm rate thanks to advanced digital signal processing technology
  • Remote programming thanks to infrared remote control and LCD Screen
  • Network software support for real-time monitoring and data retrieval


  • Resolution : 384 x 288 Provides high sensitivity
  • Identifies high-temperature spots with cursor
  • It monitors the heat in the drawn special areas
  • It can alarm people with high fever
  • Can record automatically in alarm situations
  • Detects masks on faces and avoids false alarms
  • Comes with monitoring and recording program.

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